If you would like to join any ministry listed or need more information about a ministry, contact Admin. Asst. Email: or call the church office at (864) 224-5909

Deacon Ministry

The office of deacon is not an office of authority, but one of service. A man who agrees to serve as a deacon in a New Testament church agrees to be an example in spirit, love, devotion, and loyalty. The deacon ministry has 3 major responsibilities:
  1. To assist pastoral staff with ministry to the Body
  2. To assist the church to build and maintain Christian fellowship and unity
  3. To serve as exemplary Christian leaders in the church and community.

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess or female assistants are appointed by the church to minister to the sick perform other duties in the interest of the female members of the church. Deaconesses are women who are sincere, tolerant, kind and understanding. They conduct themselves in their homes in such a manner that they command the respect first of their own family and then of others outside the wall of their homes.

Music Ministry

The music ministry program provides an invaluable service to the congregation of Wilson Calvary Baptist Church. Best of all, those involved have a tremendous amount of pride and fun doing it. If you would like to participate in any of our music programs please contact us.

YWA's Pastor's Aid

The Pastor's Aide Society is the 'extra support' both inside the walls of the church and outside. They make sure that the Pastor has all necessary things in tact.

Sunday School

The mission of Sunday School is to prepare the to children, youth, and adults in for a lifetime of Christian holiness. Our purpose is to:
  1. Teach the Word of God until pupils are sanctified wholly and maturing in Christian discipleship.
  2. Help Christians mature spiritually by involving them in soul-winning ministries, reaching and teaching others to be disciples and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Education Committee

The Church Education Committee is:
  1. To organize and to run the church Sunday School and Children Worship.
  2. To plan and to organize teacher training programs.
  3. To provide and encourage the church to read spiritual literature.
  4. To publish church magazines and newsletters.

Floral Committee

The flower committee arranges flowers for Sunday worship services and also beautifies the sanctuary with seasonal flowers and greenery for holidays such as Christmas. We can provide flowers for memorial services and other special events, including wedding flowers. Committee meetings are scheduled as needed. We welcome new members and are happy to teach volunteers who would like to participate but are unsure of their skills. We also appreciate donations of flowers, greenery and help with cleanup.

Tape Ministry

The Wilson Calvary Tape Ministry is dedicated to the edification of the saints by distributing sound preaching from our services and special meetings. Our volunteer workers record and duplicate all our preaching services. Copies are available for purchase and distribution to workers in various ministries

Welcome Committee/New Members

The Welcoming Committee exists to welcome and orient newcomers, to make available pamphlets and information about the church in general, as well as about the philosophy, structure and activities of Wilson Calvary Baptist Church. The committee also keeps church friends and members up-to-date with directory information and profiles of new members.